Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability)

It is not uncommon for business owners and their clients to disagree about specifically what work is to be done once a contract is signed.

Sometimes, no matter our values and intentions as a company, customers get upset. You are at risk if a customer makes a legal claim that you are not fulfilling what you promised you would.

How E&O works

Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance protects your company from claims if your client sues you for errors or the failure of your work to perform as described in your contract. Those are different aspects of your business compared to what is covered under Management Liability.

E&O insurance covers legal expenses, even for the most unjustifiable claims. This includes any court costs, up to the coverage limits on your policy. So, it is vital to be aware of the coverage limits and deductibles on your policy, and to choose the right limits for your situation. Viti will work with you to do that.

This coverage is a separate policy. General Liability (part of our Business Owners’ Package) excludes claims related to the delivery of professional services.

Do I need Errors & Omissions coverage?

When you come to Viti to evaluate your insurance coverage for your business, at no cost to you, we take you through the Viti Needs Assessment Funnel (NAF). This process uncovers all your business risk, including any risk related to Errors and Omissions. We educate you on what you need and why, and identify the best combination of business coverage for your unique needs.