Business Owner’s Package

Business insurance is the most misunderstood type of insurance. Most business owners were never educated on all the risks that come with business ownership.

Business protection planning

The Business Owner’s Package is crucial to ensuring that new businesses start off without a hitch, and existing businesses don’t get blindsided. We educate our clients on risk assessment, and work with them to create a business protection roadmap.

Cost efficiency is at the core of our business protection strategy. For example, we’ll ensure you get any safety credits that apply to you in relation to elements like:

  • Proactive employee training
  • Building security measures
  • Appropriate use of equipment or signage

General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability protects your business against liability claims such as:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage or loss
  • Personal injury, like slander or damage to reputation
  • Advertising injury, such as accusations of negligence due to the promotion of your offering

Your policy will pay for your legal costs in a covered claim or lawsuit. It also covers compensatory and general damages. Note that when courts award punitive damages as reparation for intentional acts, these are not covered with General Liability.

Business Personal Property and Contents

One of our offerings at Viti Companies is a free review for business owners of their current insurance package. In doing so, a consistent theme is that Business Personal Property and Contents is the most underinsured coverage on the policy.

This insurance provides coverage for all personal property you own and use in your business, including:

  • furniture
  • fixtures
  • merchandise
  • materials

Coverage is at Replacement Cost. Having your costs documented properly is vital to a successful claims process. We will guide you through steps like verifying the insurance portion of your lease to confirm that you are including the correct amount for property coverage.