Life Insurance

Unexpected death of an income-earner can be financially devastating for a family. Ensure your loved ones are taken care of, and allow them to focus on emotional healing.

What type of policy do I need?

There are many different types of life insurance policies. We use our simple Viti Needs Assessment Funnel™  to pinpoint your unique needs and educate you on selecting the policy that best meets those needs.

The amount of life insurance you need depends on what you want the insurance to fulfill. Does the policy need to fund a business transfer? Do you want it to cover death taxes? Would you want your spouse and children to keep the house you live in? We will guide you to think through all the considerations to find the best amount for you.

Ways to pay the premium

Sometimes current income can pay the amount of the premium. In other situations, it may be prudent to reposition other assets to acquire sufficient insurance protection.

If the insured is a business owner or an executive, a corporation may assist with paying premiums. Other times, it may be better to have the corporation own the policy and use the proceeds to purchase part or all of the owner’s interest at death.

Our knowledgeable insurance representatives, using the Viti Needs Assessment Funnel™, will help you determine what is right for you.