Personal Umbrella

The risk of legal liability is perhaps the largest financial risk most individuals face.

Common incidents, such as an automobile accident, or a neighbor’s child slipping on a kitchen floor, can result in lawsuits with damage awards of enormous size. Without liability insurance, most individuals and families could face a financial disaster.

Personal Umbrella Excess Liability Insurance

Personal Umbrella Excess Liability insurance is designed to provide liability coverage for situations where potential liability could exceed the limits of the protection provided in a typical homeowner’s, automobile, or watercraft policy. To meet such needs, an individual may want to consider an Umbrella Excess Liability policy.

Assessing your needs

We use The Viti Needs Assessment Funnel™ to customize your insurance solutions to your personal needs. Personal Umbrella is part of that consideration. Once we’ve fully evaluated your situation, we use our technology and expertise to find the best solutions for you. Then, we educate you on insurance strategy, and why we are recommending the solution and alternatives we present to you. These may include multi-line discounts we’ve requested for you, if it’s in your best interest to bundle your policies with one carrier.