Why Should You Trust Your Policies With an Insurance Agency Over a Direct Carrier?


Let’s face it, insurance is confusing. From the way policies are rated, to the coverages, to choosing a provider, it’s a lot! Luckily for you, we here at the Viti Companies have been in the ‘biz for 80 years! Even if you aren’t our client, we are here to help guide you through the ins and outs of insurance. Today, let’s talk about agencies. Why should you choose an agency over a direct company? Is it more expensive? Is it one big scam? ABSOLUTELY NOT. There are a lot of myths out there about insurance agencies. I am here to tell you, going with an independent agent is in your very best interest!

You could go with a direct writer of insurance like Geico who often touts very low rates, but will you have adequate coverage? If you don’t know much about insurance, you will have no idea! The biggest problem with going direct is that you are now responsible for picking out all your coverages correctly…YIKES! Hopefully you don’t miss a crucial coverage when making your decisions. You could also go to what we call a captive agent, such as AllState or State Farm. While you may have an agent there, you are limited to one specific company. You can only have what they offer and if they have a rate increase, you’re stuck dealing with it. You have no other options and your agent can do nothing for you.

We here at Viti are always here when you need us. We coach you through every aspect of your policy, answer any questions you may have, service your policy, and we even check up on it annually to make sure that you are still receiving the best rates. Agencies get to write insurance with a plethora of companies which is a HUGE advantage to YOU! If your company has a rate increase at renewal, we re-shop your policy without you asking and then we contact you with our findings and see how you feel about making a switch.

Another great part of going with an agency like ours is that you don’t have to switch agents each time you switch companies. You can keep your same agent for the next 10 years or longer if you love them! It’s nice to have someone familiar handling your assets. When working with an insurance agency  you have a personal advocate. You typically know exactly who is handling your policies. You can come in and meet face to face with your agent and voice your concerns. You can contact your agent about any issues you may have with your company. The best part about having a personal advocate is having someone in your corner through a claim. The claims process can be daunting at times. It is AMAZING to be able to call your agent, explain to them what your insurance company and claims adjuster is putting you through, and having your agent take care of it for you. With a direct writer, you are simply a caller in a queue. With an agency, you can have a more personal relationship with your agent. You can have a real discussion about your finances and goals and concerns and your agent will remember you, cater to you, and be there for you. With an agency you aren’t calling a hotline speaking to a different customer service representative each time. You aren’t sitting on hold when you have a minor accident and need advice on how to go about handling a small claim.

Additionally, when you shop for insurance online and enter your info to get a “quick quote,” your information is put out to TONS of companies. You will be harassed endlessly by bots calling, emailing, and sometimes even texting you about insurance quotes. When you get quoted at an independent agency like ours, we take your info, quote your assets, present the quote to you, and let you take the rest into your hands. Whether you go with us or not, we are happy to assist you and answer any questions. We do not call our prospects endlessly. We value you and your time.

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