Special Insurance Considerations for the CBD/Cannabis Industry

If you are involved in the cannabis industry in any way, such as dispensary, cultivator, transportation, ancillary products or infusers, it is critical to understand not only your insurance requirements, but also your insurance needs unique to your business. You need an expert on your side – someone who can connect you to many other resources you will need.

Viti Companies belongs to several organizations so we may keep abreast of your needs and offer the best solutions to protecting your business:

Craft Growers

Just because you are not a dispensary doesn’t mean you don’t have risks! What happens to your inventory when the unexpected is happens? Have you thought about all the different product stages?

A good growers insurance policy should be comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of your business.


Cannabis dispensaries might be like any other businesses in many ways, but standard business insurance isn’t enough to protect your unique needs. Property, liability, staff injuries, and crime present serious risks for dispensaries. If you have investors, Directors & Officers coverage will help protect you individually against breach of contract or mismanagement of the business, to name just a few examples. One lawsuit can cripple an otherwise thriving business, regardless of size.

Don’t forget to consider the insurance requirements of your lease if you lease your space!


Do you know the complexities of insuring delivery and transportation of cannabis products? Your vehicle, your drivers, and your product are all at risk during this most valuable stage of the finished product and all require specialized coverage. With confusing state and federal laws in addition to insurance requirements, you need an expert on your side.

Cannabis Ancillary Products

What happens if there is a loss of physical product? What happens if you are sued because of your product? Who is responsible when your product leaves your facility?


Where do you get your product? Are your suppliers insured? Do you realize you also need to be insured if you are not manufacturing the product? Anyone can be sued, regardless of your involvement in the process.

Contact the experts at The VITI Companies for answers to your questions. We will help you understand CBD/Cannabis insurance and navigate your business’s unique needs.

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